Leave luck to heaven’ left with no luck

Super Mario, Pokémon and Zelda were the most hit games to have ever been played across the globe were all created by a single company Nintendo. For years, Nintendo has ruled the gaming industry and has set the bar high in the gaming industry. But off late, their dominance has been cut off by the emergence of a new wave of companies which have generated much better interest amongst the gamers.

Nintendo for years has been the most hit word across the gaming industry for producing the best games and revolutionizing the entire gaming industry. Starting from Mario to Wii console, Nintendo has attracted various people who have never ever wondered about playing video games. But a recent study suggests that the sales of Nintendo have received a major setback and there is nearly a thirty percent drop in the overall profit. This comes as a shock to a company which had for years set the bar for the entire industry. This has generated a series of contentious debates on, what really led to this downfall?

The answer lies within Nintendo itself, its failure to launch an alternative to the rewarding Wii was one of the reasons, why the company stumbled in the market. The successor Wii U did not stand up to the expectation generated and was an instrumental factor in the dipping of sales of Nintendo. Its competitors, who include the famous Playstation and Xbox, have registered a significant increase of sales in the same period. Connoisseurs of games have called this a major setback for the whole gaming industry and have hinted at a change of guard as the dominant force in the market. Will it serve for the best of Industry? Only time can answer it.

Another fact which seems to have gained the public acceptance for Nintendo’s downfall is its failure to have an impact on the smart phones. A study was carried out amongst the youngsters on the preference between a Smartphone and a Nintendo for their daily use and Smartphone’s received an overwhelming acceptance. The study proves that, of late many youngsters- the major buyers of Nintendo’s have opted for a smart phone rather than a Nintendo 3DS for their daily pass time. This is a major headache for a company which for years has churned millions of gamers into its hold through its consoles. Will it bounce back? This seems to be the million dollar question.

The job in hand at the moment for Nintendo is to pull back its console, which has been less innovative, and less attractive and plan a better product to sell to maintain its brand name. This might also be changing the strategy of the construction of the Nintendo. The other viable options may be also bringing the famed classics like Mario and Zelda again to the market. But whatever the options maybe, the solution to its decline, sales has raised questions about its business structure and no wonder Nintendo will have to undergo a transformation to revive any chances of its survival. But for certain the future of Nintendo will be decided in the coming years. It is a DO or DIE battle for them.