Pander App for Android

Imagine this scenario: you came home late because you had to do overtime in your work. You need to finish a lot of things because there is a presentation tomorrow and it is for important clients.

So, you went home at around 8:30 PM. You feel drained and all you wanted to do was just eat. Of course, you didn’t have the luxury of going to a nearby restaurant because you’re too exhausted and that restaurant might have a lot of guests at that time.

I’ve been to these kinds of situations many times and I can tell you, it is kind of frustrating. The world is so busy and all you wanted to do was to eat some nice foods.

If you’re an Android mobile phone user, however, there is an app that allows you to order foods in the restaurants near you!

Introducing the Pander App for Android mobile phones. A nifty app that allows you to order from different food joints around your area.

Do you want some pizza? Do you want some Kung Pao Chicken? Do you want some burgers and fries to go along with it? No worries! With just a few taps, you can get your favorite foods in a flash!

The Pander App for Android mobile phones works by asking you just a few questions. Questions may range from what kind of food you want (fast food or restaurant), which food joints you fancy, and finally, what exact food do you want to be ordered.

After that, the app will place an order to the restaurant near you and it will be sent to you in just 30 minutes! It’s that easy!

Furthermore, the Pander App for Android mobile phones learns from your orders. For example, if you usually order a lot of pizzas, the app will suggest to you the flavor of the day or other pizza joints in the area near you. Amazing, isn’t it?

What if you wanted to have an assurance that your order was really placed? No worries! This app will send you a notification email stating that the order was successfully placed and all you have to do is wait for your food! In the event that your food is not delivered within 30 minutes, you can just reply to the email notification and they will get back to you shortly.

And, if worse comes to worse, you can just call the Pander hotline and they will immediately attend to you.

The Pander App for Android mobile phones is amazing not just because of the features that I have mentioned but this app also has a lot of partners. If you order from the participating food joints, you will get special perks and discounts (depending on the food joint). Say, you ordered from a fast food chain 3 times this week, you will get a discount on your next order, and so on.

The Pander App for Android can also use your mobile internet data to place some orders. If you don’t want the low signal reception to become the hindrance of you placing an order, I highly recommend getting a mobile phone signal booster.

The Pander App for Android mobile phones is free to download and is available in the Google Play Store.