Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless Router

If you are looking for a simple router amid the sea of routers on the market today, then look no further than the Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless router.

This is a very simple and attractive wireless router that takes advantage of the Wireless N WiFi technology. It is also backwards compatible with Wireless G devices, so there will be no problems when connecting older devices.

Here is the complete list of features for the Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless router:

  • Wirelessly share an Internet connection – Ideal for web, email, and social networking
  • NETGEAR Genie Home Network Manager for easy installation and home network management.
  • Features Live Parental Controls for safer web surfing on connected devices
  • Push ‘N Connect can securely connect devices at the push of a button – Highest level wireless security with WPA/WPA2. This is a router ONLY. Modem not included.
  • Wireless Range perfect for small to medium sized homes
  • Easy to setup with tablets, smartphones & computers
  • SCHEDULED WIFI ON/OFF – Conveniently program access times and conserve up to 30% of power
  • GUEST NETWORK ACCESS – Separate and secure access for guests

The Netgear N1500 has a built-in stand, so you can put it either vertically, or you can let it lie down for easy convenience. It also has a few perks that are really good for a budget router such as an automatic power on/off, guest network access, just to name a few.

Installation and setup is a breeze thanks to the Netgear Genie. This handy little program will streamline the installation process for you. When you first fire up the Netgear N1500, it will automatically redirect you to the setup page. Once there, just follow the on-screen instructions provided by the Netgear Genie, and you should all be set.

One nifty power-saving feature that the Netgear N1500 has its automatic scheduler. You see, when the router is turned on, obviously, it sucks up power, right? So, what is the best thing to do if you want to save on your electricity bill? That’s right, you have to turn off electronics or things that you do not use. The automatic scheduler can be set in order for the router to be turned on and off according to your preferences. Really handy feature indeed!

Another cool feature that this budget router has is its Guest network access. Are you a person who is fond of throwing parties for friends, family and colleagues? If so, they might want to connect to your router to enjoy internet connectivity. It is just okay to share with them your personal router information, but then, they would have access to your files in the network.

To remedy that situation, the Netgear N1500 has a built-in guest control access that you can set and have your guests connect to it instead. It is a separate SSID tailor-made for guests, so you do not have to worry about your files at all!

All in all, for a budget router, the Netgear N1500 has some of the features that the premium routers have. And for the cheap price of only $22, this is a good solution if you’re looking for a simple yet effective router on the market.