SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster

SmoothTalker is a trusted brand when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. Because of this reputation, they’ve actually created a massive catalog showcasing all of their mobile phone signal boosters.

I know that actually giving you a catalog will make it hard for you to choose, so in this article, I will recommend to you a mobile phone signal booster from SmoothTalker that is not only inexpensive, it can also boost 4G LTE signals as well.

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster that signal booster and that it has some pretty impressive features.

This mobile phone signal booster is able to rebroadcast signals up to 3,500 sq.ft, which is more than adequate if small to medium homes.

Furthermore, if you buy the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will receive everything you need in order to set this booster up.

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster also passively boosts your mobile phone’s battery as it does not have to work hard to get mobile phone signals.

I am impressed with the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster as it comes with a 70dB high-gain signal amplifier. Most other signal boosters have less than 70dB gain which translates into lower mobile phone signal amplification.

Furthermore, when you buy the BRBCZ1, you are shipped with two omnidirectional antennas. If you live more than 30 miles away from your service provider’s cell towers, though, I highly recommend getting another mobile phone signal booster that has a yagi-directional antenna instead.

One cool feature of the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it comes with the Stealth Technology. Before, you need to manually set the settings of the mobile phone signal booster for it to work optimally.

This is okay and it is usually outlined in the product’s instructional manual but not a lot of people are tech savvy. Most people just want an easy, set-it-and-forget-it solution, and that is what the manufacturer has employed with this mobile phone signal booster.

All you have to do is set this signal booster up and it will automatically adjust itself so that you will have the best performance right off the bat.

In case you’re wondering how you install this signal booster, here are the steps:

  1. This signal booster comes with an external antenna that can be mounted on the inside window of your house. You basically have to find the highest window and mount the external antenna on it using the included magnetic suction cups.
  2. The internal antenna can be attached directly to the signal amplifier. Because of this, just position the signal amplifier in the middle part of your house to have the best coverage possible.
  3. Plug the included AC adapter into the wall socket and plug it into the signal booster. Also, plug the external antenna into its port as well.
  4. Power on the device and wait until both of the green LEDs light up. After which, you’re pretty much good to go!

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster only costs $350 and if you’re looking for a solid and inexpensive solution for your 4G LTE signal woes, this signal booster is the one to get.