Cakes Custom Firmware for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a gaming marvel because Nintendo was brilliant enough to include two screens for a gaming device. Now, with that hardware, wouldn’t it be nice to add another layer of functionality, right?

Thankfully, a lot of people have created custom firmwares for the portable gaming console. Cakes custom firmware is one of them.

Cakes CFW is a relatively new contender in the Nintendo 3DS custom firmware list. The custom firmware has been developed by “mid-kid” and “b1|1s”.

The advantage of installing a custom firmware on your Nintendo 3DS is that you can unlock new sets of capabilities that you don’t have when you have an official firmware.

Here are the Cakes CFW features you can expect right now:

  • SPIDER 4.x-9.2, MSET 4.x and 6.x and Ninjhax 1/2 support for old 3ds/XL/2ds.
  • MSET 4.x and Ninjhax 1/2 support for new 3ds/XL.
  • Options to boot to sysNAND (for GBA/DSi) and emuNAND up to 10.2 on old 3ds, or 9.5 for the new 3ds.
  • Emunand supports redNAND and GW emuNANDs.
  • Sig patches
  • Patches are contained in “cakes”. The .cake format is a simple format that bundles FIRM patches, and tells the patcher what those patches need to work.
  • Autoboot.
  • Supports multiple NATIVE_FIRM versions

The developers want to continually add new features in the future versions. For now, they do have a promising list of features that will entice the Nintendo 3DS user.

So, how can you install the Cakes custom firmware on to your Nintendo 3DS? Here is the install instructions courtesy from their own thread:

  1. Just copy all the files to the root of your SD card, and launch it with either spider, MSET or Ninjhax.
  2. Files and stuff are on the bottom of the post.
  3. Copy the firmware.bin linked at the bottom of the post to the cakes directory. Do the same with cetk.
  4. For MSET on 4.x or 6.x, I’ve modified zoogie’s ROP installer to work with this. There’s even a code.bin to install the rop via spider in the downloads page.
  5. For MSET on newer firmwares, first downgrade the MSET app to the 4.x or 6.x version (there’s tutorials on this site for doing that), then use the CakesROP.nds or code.bin on the downloads page to install the correct ROP.
  6. For spider, see the bottom of the post for a launcher page.
  7. NOTE: The code.bin installs the correct ROP based on your firmware version. If you’re on firmware 6.x or higher, the ROP for MSET 6.x will be installed.
  8. NOTE: Never rename the Cakes.dat. The arm9 payload is located there and the code expects it to be named like that.

When installing a custom firmware, keep in mind that you have to follow the steps correctly so that you will not brick your gaming device.

Also, if you love the work of the developers, you may want to contribute some love to them by saying thanks or donating some cash for further developments.