What is colon cleanse

Improving Your Overall Health With a Colon Cleanse


Many people assume that a colon cleanse supplement helps you to stay regular so that you have daily bowel movements, and that they help you to feel less sluggish and bloated. These certainly are benefits of a natural cleanse, but keeping your colon healthy affects more than just your digestive system. Your overall health is reliant on good digestion and regular elimination and can benefit from a healthy, natural cleanse. How so?


Waste Equals Toxins


The colon is part of the lower intestine and while it does not play a significant role in the absorption of vitamins and essential minerals from food, it does play a role in the body’s need for elimination. Waste is stored in the colon until it has collected enough for elimination, and during this time the colon absorbs water and other nutrients to break down this waste and make it softer.


While this is a healthy process for the body and this waste in the colon does not itself create health problems, when you do not eliminate regularly this waste can build up. Toxins are stored in this waste and when it is not eliminated from the system regularly, these toxins can be reabsorbed into your system. This is one reason a good colon cleanse can be needed, as it will remove the chance of these toxins being reabsorbed into your body where they can damage your health.


Lack of Energy and Fatigue


If your colon is not functioning properly this can lead to a lack of energy and fatigue. Why is this? Your body needs water to break down waste and soften it, and it works constantly to prepare this waste for proper elimination. If the colon is not functioning as it should and this waste builds up, you can become dehydrated since the body is sapping water from your system for the colon. In turn, your other cells suffer and you feel fatigued. As your body works overtime to try and eliminate waste, you also have less energy and may feel tired.


A natural colon cleanse can then help with keeping your body healthy and with keeping your energy levels at their peak. When you eliminate built-up waste you have less chance of toxins being reabsorbed into your system and your body is not working overtime to eliminate waste, so you have less fatigue and may have more energy and better health overall.